Bills of Cost : Preparation

It has become common, and in fact essential, that legal practitioners turn to Legal Cost Consultants to deal with the function of preparing Bills of Cost.

Prior to presenting a bill of cost for taxation purposes, both Party-and-Party bill and Attorney-and-Client bill are completed in adherance to the requirements of the Court Rules.

At VTH Consultants we specialize in the drafting / preparing of all Bills of Costs

This includes:


VTH Consultants Bills of Cost preparation

  • Liquidations,
  • Estates,
  • Insolvencies,
  • Divorces,
  • Labour Court,
  • Third Party Claims
  • etc. and


  • Wills,
  • Contracts,
  • etc.

Attending Taxation

at VTH we Attend and Arrange Taxations.

VTH Consultants can attend Taxations in the Magistrate’s Courts and Arbitration Forum and assist Attorneys with Taxations in the High Court and Labour Court.

VTH Consultants can also negotiate settlement of Bill of Costs directly with the Road Accident Fund or the relevant parties. Attend and Arrange Taxations. VTH Consultants can attend Taxations

VTH Consultants will also draft Bill of Costs in the Attorney’s offices if the Attorneys do not want the files to leave their offices.

Drafting a detailed Bill of Costs will increase an attorney’s fees

*Note: We collect & deliver files.

Opposing Bills

Opposing Bills

In reality not all cases are won. In such instances the losing party will most likely be faced with a legal bill of cost aimed at reimbursing the winning party for costs incurred in litigation.

Of course the losing party has the right to inspect and/or object to any charge appearing on such a bill of cost. As opposing a bill of cost can be even more complicated in law than presenting a bill of cost, the services we provide in this regard is just as valuable to the losing party for the fulfillment of justice.

VTH Consultants Konsultante Opposing bills